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North Dakota, also known as the “Peace Garden State,” is noted for its gorgeous nature filled with hills and prairies, and opportunity for adventure. North Dakotans enjoy outdoor activities including fishing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, and hunting. Because the state gets extremely cold in the winter and reaches the upper 80’s in the summer, students get to experience the real four seasons while studying.

The Peace Garden State has the best economy in the country. It was the first to recover from the recent recession, and has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States. The advancement in the oil industry here has partly contributed to its economic triumph, but the service and technology industries have also been boosting their economy in more recent years.

With its beautiful nature and booming economy, North Dakota makes a great destination for students looking to pursue higher education and experience what it’s like to be a true “North American.”

Before you decide on a school, here are some fun facts worth knowing about North Dakota.

  • More sunflowers are grown in North Dakota than any other US state.
  • The wild prairie rose is the official state flower.
  • North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, at a mere 3.2%.
  • North Dakota’s smallest city, Maza, is home to only 5 people.
  • The state has the least amount of forest compared to any other state in the US.
  • One of the leading sugar producers in the nation is North Dakota.
  • The biggest state-owned sheep research center in the US is located in North Dakota.
  • The leading camera brand “Kodak” originally stemmed from the state’s name.

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