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For a state with just over a million people, Montana is rich with resources for higher education — and new online degree programs are making Montana colleges more accessible than ever.

Only three non-profit private colleges operate in Big Sky Country. Most Montana colleges are public. The public Montana colleges include: three general community colleges; five campuses for Montana State University (main campus in Bozeman); six campuses for the University of Montana (main campus in Missoula); and seven tribal colleges that grant two-year degrees and professional certificates. Tribal colleges are especially designed for Native Americans but also enroll non-Native students. Are you made for Montana? Learn more about the Montana lifestyle with these college statistics and general Montana facts.

  • Montana scenery is world famous. On long weekends, Montana college students can take exciting road trip adventures. Some popular destinations are Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and the Lewis and Clark Trail.
  • Skiing is popular. Montana has developed 15 downhill ski areas. The state also makes millions of acres available to cross-country skiers.
  • Montana is lightly populated. Montana has seven big cities, but the total state population is just over 1 million people. This works out to about 7 people per square mile. The universities aren’t very large either; when all the Montana college populations are combined, the total is about 50,000 students.
  • Sports teams are on campus. All four-year Montana colleges and universities have intercollegiate sports teams. The University of Montana and Montana State University are longtime athletic rivals in the Big Sky Conference. Other Montana college teams are members of the Frontier Conference and the Great Northwest Athletic Conference.
  • Montana doesn’t charge sales tax. Montana is one of just five states that doesn’t add tax at checkout.
  • Montana is a swing state. If you’re a Democrat or a Republican, in Montana colleges you will easily find like-minded people and people who challenge your views.
  • The economy is healthy. Montana tends to have low unemployment. Some of its top industries are beer brewing, lumber, mining and tourism.
  • College graduation rates are up. Montana recently gained national attention for having a big increase in college graduations. The gain has been credited partly to the availability of new online degree programs.

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