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Also known as the “Magnolia State” because it is predominately filled with forests, Mississippi offers great weather and nature for students who enjoy the outdoors. It is an excellent place to go swimming, boating, hunting, or fishing. In addition to the beautiful outdoors and its long, diverse history, the state is home to the beginning of American popular music ranging from gospel, blues, country, and rock and roll.

Mississippi has over 20 public and private colleges. A plethora of academic opportunities are available in universities such as University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University. These schools are also noted for their great athletic programs and extracurricular activities. Many students from all around the world enjoy studying in Mississippi because of the many practical academic programs available to them, such as business studies at Jackson State University, and studies in the arts and sciences at Delta State University, to name a couple. Did you know these fun facts about Mississippi?

  • Coca-cola was first bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
  • The concept of “Teddy Bear” was introduced when Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a trapped bear in Sharkey County.
  • The first human lung and heart transplants took place at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
  • Phil Gilbert’s Shoe Parlor in Vicksburg, MS was the first to sell pairs of shoes in boxes beginning in the year of 1884.
  • In 1929, Harris A. Cole, Sr. invented the Pine Sol detergent here in the Magnolia State.
  • The first state in the US to create and expand a planned system of junior colleges was Mississippi.
  • Milk is the official state beverage.
  • Clarksdale, MS is the home of the oldest Holiday Inn hotel.

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