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Hawaii has relatively few colleges, so researching all the in-state options won’t take you long. Most college students in Hawaii are enrolled in the University of Hawaii System. The UH System includes a main research university in Manoa, college campuses across six islands, and three community colleges. Several accredited private colleges are on the islands too. Three are religious (one is a seminary) and two are secular.

Ready to fly? Hawaii residents can attend certain out-of-state schools at just 1.5 times the in-state price. You can choose from more than 150 colleges in California, Oregon and other states in the Western Undergraduate Exchange. The tuition discounts also apply for online degree programs.

  • Hawaii’s economy relies on three industries with special appeal to college students: tourism, coffee and education. Surfing, hiking and snorkeling can fill your study breaks. Kona coffee can snap you back to attention.
  • The University of Hawaii awards more than 11,000 degrees and certificates every year. About 4000 are associate degrees and 4000 are bachelor degrees. The remainder are graduate degrees and professional degrees. The most popular college major in Hawaii is business.
  • The islands of Hawaii are the peaks of the world’s tallest mountains. The oldest is Kauai, which was formed an estimated 6 million years ago. The mountains stretch for about 1500 miles, making Hawaii the widest state after Alaska. Despite its expanse though, the state only has four counties. Technically Honolulu is the largest county in the world.
  • Each Hawaiian island has its own character. Kauai, for example, has a rather low population and is mostly rural. Most Hawaii colleges are on the densely packed island of Oahu. About 1 million people live on Oahu. That’s more than all the people in Alaska.
  • Hawaii’s special ecosystems are mostly comprised of plants and animals that aren’t found anywhere else on Earth. This state is a special place for human life too; Hawaii has the longest life expectancies for men and women among all US states.

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