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A popular destination for college study, Colorado has more than 100 institutions of higher education. The list of reputable Colorado colleges and universities features large research universities, midsize universities, small public and private liberal arts colleges, community colleges, the United States Air Force Academy and more.

Most four-year colleges and universities in Colorado are located in the central region of the state, particularly in the capital city of Denver and the greater metropolitan areas of Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins. Two-year colleges for associate’s degrees and professional certificates can be found statewide. Many of the two-year and four-year schools offer high quality online degree programs in addition to a traditional college experience.

Live, learn and thrive in Colorado! Check out these facts to better understand Colorado’s popularity among college students, tourists and permanent residents.

  • Denver is Colorado’s mile-high capital city. It formed as a gold rush town in the 1850s. Today it’s home to nearly 3 million people and is the state’s largest metropolitan area. There’s something in Denver for every mood and personality: seven professional sports teams, trendy shops, excellent restaurants, high quality museums and so forth. Snow-capped Rocky Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop.
  • Outdoor recreational opportunities are abundant in Colorado. Kayak the Colorado River, hike the Colorado Trail, climb Pike’s Peak, ski in Aspen or Vail, photograph wildlife and wildflower meadows, picnic alongside a pristine alpine lake… Boredom isn’t an option.
  • Colorado has many national parks and state parks. One unique destination is Great Sand Dunes National Park. It features the tallest sand dunes on the continent: They’re about 700 feet high and are open for sledding. This park is also popular for swimming, camping, picnicking and hiking.
  • Glenwood Springs is an hour outside of Aspen. Burn energy on the slopes, then relax in hot mineral pools.
  • Employment opportunities are strong in Colorado. Given this fact plus all of the above, it’s not surprising that in 2012 Colorado was America’s top choice for relocation among people aged 25 to 44 who are focused on career and family.

Rich with opportunities for education and recreation, Colorado is a top choice state for higher learning.

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